Bakmi Bakso

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A couple of weeks ago, my friend YT made us a version of Indonesian street food we call “Bakmi Bakso Abang-Abang”. It’s basically a noodle soup with meat balls (usually beef). She made the beef balls herself! And they tasted great too! Even the bowl reminded me of back home .. those bowls which have drawings of roosters on the side. LOL! 😀

"Bakmi Bakso Abang-abang" (version 1)

Back home, we usually eat the noodle on the side of the street (sometimes, they cover the gutter and set up some tables/chairs and tent on top of it), or we get it from the vendors who push carts (gerobak) around to sell it, or in a small and simple “restaurant” (warung .. ok, bigger restaurants have them too ;)) .. like the last two pics in this post. Sometimes we can even add tendons, tripe, fried wonton (pangsit), etc.

Ugh, now I’m hungry. And I want to go back home. 😛

Great food for a cold day. Hmmm .. maybe I’ll call my friend to get the recipe for the beef balls, or maybe ask when she’ll be making some more of those good stuff! Moahahaha.

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2 Responses to “Bakmi Bakso”

  1. FruityOaty

    Wow, that looks really good… soup for the soul or a very cold winter day.

    I’ll pass on the tendons and tripe though… I’ve cut that out from my food choices. Really bad for you, you know?


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