David duChemin, PixelatedImage, and Vision in Motion

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In the past few months, I’ve been following David duChemin’s blog … check out his blog on “Suck-Mode” or “Confessions of a So-Called PRO“. I feel better. 🙂

Scoot over to his blog to see more of his posts. Or if you want to download some of the posts to read offline, he has an eBook with his top 50 picks at Craft & Vision website called “Vision Is Better”.

Today, there’s a new eBook on Craft & Vision website, the title is “Vision In Motion” (the top one).

Here’s their quick overview of the new eBook:

Vision In Motion is an introduction to digital video for stills photographers. Written by Trevor Meier, both a professional stills photographer and film-maker, this eBook discusses the core issues of motion storytelling.

No doubt about it, video is an entirely different medium than stills photography. It’s a different language spoken with different technology and created with different processes. For digital still photographers there is often a great deal of cross-over, but without some help things can easily get lost in translation. Join Trevor as he takes you through the core issues and sets you on the right path to beginning to put your vision in motion.

The price for the Vision In Motion eBook is US$5. And my favourite part is that from now until June 27th, 2010 (11:59PM PST), if you use the code MOTION4 when you check out, you’ll get the eBook for US$4. Or .. if you’re getting more eBooks, you can use the code MOTION20 to get 20% off when you buy 5 or more eBooks (from the Craft & Vision collection).

Vision in Motion

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