Emerging Influential Blog (first half of 2007)

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Okay, so sometimes I wait until the last minute to do something .. but I wasn’t planning to write this in the last minute .. for some reasons I thought I had until December 31st, 2007 to write the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007, and so I’ve been taking my time. Apparently it ends this Saturday at 5PM (GMT+8), I’m in GMT-5, so that pretty much cuts my “writing hours” by 13 hours! 😛

Anyway, fruityoaty is my choice for the Emerging Influential Blog created after/on August 1st, 2006. Sometimes she writes strange stuff (hmmm .. ok maybe most of the time ;)). Sometimes it takes me a while to read one post (a few times I just don’t get it .. HAHAHA). But I flag her blog in my RSS reader anyway. Maybe that makes me strange .. but then again, strange is relative. LOL!

But she does have posts that are interesting and neat. Besides, I don’t want to miss her posts on food and her “well-fed well-loved” cat Max:

Max & Cabbage (from fruityoaty.com)

Here’s a question: was there only one cabbage before Max came into the picture? or were there two?
(the above photo was taken from her site with permission ;)).

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5 Responses to “Emerging Influential Blog (first half of 2007)”

  1. fruityoaty

    7:11 PM, haha! 😉

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. The last 2 votes (yours and one from chickenmafia.com… were the 2 votes that kept me in the Top 10! Without them, I’d be gone from the list!)

    So guess what… not 6th as I had wanted… but 9th. Upside-down 6? Scary, eh? HEHEHEHE. I’m EVIL… and a GENIUS. I’m taking your title!

    ANSWER: Just 1 cabbage… and a watermelon, hahaha.

  2. fruityoaty

    Oh, actually… it turns out the standings aren’t final. Last minute submissions and reviews…

    On the positive side, it looks like I got 2 more votes just today… Maybe enough to keep me in, hahahaha… Or not.

  3. fruityoaty

    OMG! I WON! I WON! 7th place out of the Top 10! LUCKY SEVEN! I got a printed certificate… and I get to put up this “badge” thingy on my blog, LOL. (OK, it’s a good thing I held off writing about the “eight infinity number story”, hehe.

    ALSO, I was the ONLY blogger who placed in the Top 10 AND WON one of the 10 US $100 raffle prizes! (That’s like what? 5000 pesos, LOL. I’m rich! Hehe.)

    HAHAHAHA! Unlikes the other Top 9 winners (who didn’t win in the raffle draw)… my Top 10 award sorta has a monetary value! SO COOL. :p

    OK, you didn’t win in the raffle… but you’re a winner to me! Well, you did nominate me, eh? You have such good taste. Karma, baby. Karma. Link traffic. 😉

    Muawwah! Kisses!


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