FOOD!! YUMM! (yes, food again)

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Last Sunday we had an “Indonesian food day” gathering at ES' place (the only place where we can do BBQ in the “terrace” :P).

Took a lot of time to prepare the food (marinade, skewer, etc.).
Took a while to BBQ the satay (yes, we used charcoal).
But it took only a few minutes to gorge most of them. LOL! Yeah, we're a hungry bunch (apparently, always). Even the smallest person in the bunch could eat a lot (and fast too ;)) .. don't be fooled by the appearance now, eh, JD? Hahaha! 😉


Here are the tons of food … let's see .. there's the satay (some of them … OH YEAH!! YUMM!!) and lontong (made from rice), martabak (bottom left) plus the acar (pickled cucumber), somay bandung (bottom right — Indonesian version of the chinese shumai — regular shumai, tofu, potato, cabbage .. no bittermelon though this time) and rujak pengantin (top right — some kind of Indonesian salad). And the peanut sauce (one for the satay and one for the somay) .. OOOHHH!!

The food

And here are the dessert .. chocolate chips cookies, pandan cake (the green one at the bottom), some mango/pomelo stuff (the orange stuff) and es teler (the colourful one — lots of good stuff in there: avocado, coconut, jackfruit, some red stuff, some white stuff .. some other stuff .. LOL!).

The dessert

I drool just by looking at the satay pic …..

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3 Responses to “FOOD!! YUMM! (yes, food again)”

  1. vudining

    the SATAY loooooooks awful delightful 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    where did u get the peanut sauce? didn’t look skippy-based to me (hehe) 😀 YUM!

  2. evilgenius

    The peanut sauce is my friend’s secret family recipe .. I’m trying to learn how to duplicate it .. haha. 😀
    She uses real roasted-peanut as the main ingredients .. so it’s not Skippy-based .. LOL!

  3. fruityoaty

    Whoah, the satay looks really good.

    Yeah, I don’t use Skippy… ewww, it’s got icing sugar, but if you buy a really good quality “all natural roasted” peanut butter (it’s only got peanuts in it and nothing else… no icing sugar, no artificial ingredients), it’s pretty good too as a base peanut ingredient.


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