Old Friend, Yueh Tung & Swatow

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Last week, my old high school friend, LT, came to Toronto from New York City. Heck, we even went all the way back to junior kindergarten (Yeah, we stuck to the same school all the way — wah, betah ye kita?). LOL. We were in a few classes together, she had her own gang and I, um, I don’t remember being in a gang — I was the nice, quiet and introverted girl (still am, BTW! >;)) just sitting nicely in a shade somewhere.

I haven’t seen her in years (last time we saw each other was when my sister and I went to NYC — a few years ago). She has a 2-years-old girl now, an exact replica of her according to me (although, her husband protested .. haha). They were in town for a couple of nights, and so I went to see them both nights. They roamed around downtown during the day, so at night we were just relaxing, catching up on things, and eating (what else? LOL!).

The first night, I took them to Yueh Tung restaurant (Elizabeth St. south of Dundas St., west of Bay St.) just a block from where they were staying. My sister and I (and a bunch of other Indonesians) love going there for their Chili Chicken (they have two kinds, regular and hot plate, we usually order the regular one). So, we ordered Chili Chicken (pic below), Pork Ribs with Black Bean Sauce and Tofu with Meat. I still like the chicken, and apparently my friend also likes it!!! LOL! The husband doesn’t really eat hot stuff (hey, more for us!! ;)) .. and the kid, um, apparently the kid likes only steamed rice (and maybe with some kind of soup or sauce. LOL! Funny girl … ;)).

Chili Chicken @ Yueh Tung

The second night, we almost went to Yueh Tung again (it’s so close!). HAHAHA. But we decided to walk to Chinatown and eat at Swatow (Spadina Ave. north of Dundas St.). So, the five of us (this time JW came along) walked and chatted and ate and had a good time. Below is the shrimp wonton that we ordered as a side dish.

Shrimp Wonton @ Swatow

This time, the girl ate the shrimp wonton. πŸ˜€

Love the girl. She’s so chatty, just like her mom and dad .. well, I don’t know about the dad, but the mom is very chatty. πŸ˜‰ I drew a flower and a butterfly on her Magna Doodle and she pointed to each one and said the correct word!!! Wow, I was impressed! Then I drew some more things (yes, I dug a hole for myself) and she told me what she thought they were. And before I knew it, she wanted me to draw other stuff! LOL! And the dad gave her hints too: “How about a frog?”. She said “frog!”. I said “How do I draw a frog?” … I tried, and she said “It’s a RABBIT!”. Ugh! Then I just added a pair of long ears and a bunny tail (hey, she thought it was a rabbit .. might as well made it into one … hahaha).
Then the dad said “How about Nemo?”. Me thinking “NEMO??” :P. So I drew a fish with stripes, the girl said “NEMO!”. PHEW!!!
Then the dad (again??!!) said “Hmm .. Dori”. OK, so I drew another fish (I wished they had a Magna Doodle that could use colours instead of just black — I could definitely use one, all I remembered of Dori was that she’s blue. :P). The girl said “DORI!”. YESS! Then the mom said “How come Dori looks like Nemo? Just bigger?”. SSSSHHHHHHHH!!! The girl thought it was Dori, that’s the most important thing! πŸ˜‰
And JW drew her a face, and she kept saying “NOSE” … hahaha.

Cute girl. πŸ™‚

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  1. Janna

    Hrmmm… you just gave me a MAJOR craving for that shrimp wonton side dish. It looks sooooo good. But.. I’m gonna go eat my salad now.


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