Wok With Yu

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Earlier today, DT, AJ and I went to this restaurant that DT wanted to try for lunch .. it’s called “Wok With Yu” (Warden Ave, just south of Eglinton). It’s an Indian Hakka Restaurant. The food is pretty good, AJ and I ordered their Chili Chicken and DT ordered Manchurian Chicken. Apparently both are their specialty! 😉

The lunch menu comes with a soup (today was either Hot & Sour Soup — which was somewhat a bit sweet for my taste — or Wonton Soup) and served over a plate of fried rice.

Below is their Chilli Chicken .. and those green stuff is actually chilli!! I was probably dreaming when I ate it since I thought they were green onions. I think I was breathing fire (steam out of my ears too) when I put too much of it in my mouth at once. 😛

LOL. But I will be coming back.

Spicy Chicken @ Wok With Yu

Hmm .. I think my food pics pool is missing some food pics between Oct 2006 and June 2007 .. Whoa! Ok .. gonna work on uploading them (and blogging them maybe) .. 😛

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